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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Pre-Application Deadlines

2025 Pre-Application submittal deadline is October 31, 2024. Pre-applications should be emailed to Scott Sharp​.

2025 ARC Pre-applications that haven’t had a full application requested and would like to be considered in 2024 should​​​ submit a new 2024 pre-application. Please note that pre-applications can be submitted after the deadline for project needs that may arise with proper justification and at the discretion of the Governor’s ARC Alternate to accept.

Pre-application forms and instructions are available below.

What: The ARC is a federal-state economic development program designed to assist in the economic development of Appalachia through a diversity of projects in the areas of public infrastructure (water, sewer, solid waste, housing, and telecommunications), human resource development (education/workforce development, affordable/accessible healthcare, and leadership development) and business/entrepreneurial development.

Why: Historically, the far eastern region of Kentucky has lagged behind the rest of the nation in terms of economic development. The ARC grant program provides the region with financial assistance in creating jobs, developing a workforce, and providing health care and education services.

Who Can Apply? Local governments, special districts, and non-profit entities that include Kentucky's 54 most eastern and southcentral Counties are eligible to apply for the grant dollars.

Matching requirements are fifty percent (50%) for transitional counties, thirty percent (30%) for at-risk counties, and twenty percent (20%) for distressed counties. Federal Funds may not exceed 80 percent of the total project.

Examples of eligible projects are: water/sewer line extension and treatment expansion; telecommunication/broadband deployment; learning center development; education/workforce development training; industrial site development; asset-based development planning/activities; and, leadership development/civic capacity building.​​

Full Application Forms for Construction Projects
​Full Application Forms for Non-Construction Projects

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NOTE: The 424 form links below will connect you directly to the standard forms that are available on the website. Please note that you must open and view these documents with Adobe Reader. You may have to download the selected form first, then specify how it is opened and displayed (even if you already have the latest Adobe installed, your operating system may not be configured to open it correctly in which case you have to choose this option manually).​